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Why the Coaching for decision makers?

We have a tendency to live our lives as if we have two of them, one personal and one work related. However it is a misapprehension to believe that we can separate them.

Personal factors will always play a role in our business lives, and vice versa. The underlying factors are that all aspects of our lives are driven and directed by unconscious mechanisms that have been cultivated since childhood. These relate to patterns of behaviour which in turn influence each decision we make, and how we communicate with others.

Therefore it can be deemed that the only things hindering us in our paths are the ways in which we have learnt to evaluate and deal with events and situations that arise.

In coaching, our aim is to discover what these mechanisms are, how they affect our ability to deal with things in our lives and how best to distinguish them. By acknowledging and adapting our behaviour we are able to release new power and energy that was previously being used ineffectively.

The results of these changes are immediately visible, releasing more energy, more time, more clarity and reducing stress levels, while also helping to build profound relationships with colleagues, friends and family members.

As individuals we have taken years to adapt and justify our non-efficient behaviour patterns, therefore the aim of the initial conversation with the coach or mentor will be to highlight and understand these patterns.

The key to success lies in our ability to discover and understand our own mechanisms and behaviours and learn how best to deal with them. This then leaves us free to make decisions that are not based purely on our emotions, reactions and interpretations.

Every human being is a unique individual and as such we have become masters at avoiding our real needs; however coaching can highlight these needs and improve your ability to deal with them in a more efficient manner.

This coaching cannot be replaced by simply reading a book or visiting a motivational seminar. The individual approach and focus on you as an individual allows success.